Pintia   Castilla Y Leon, Spain  
  It was no secret that Vega Sicilia worked for a number of years on a new wine - from Toro, the "next big thing" in Spanish red wine appellations. During that time, the project was known to some under the codename 'ALQUIRIZ', the wine (and winery) were given the name...PINTIA.

Toro is located further along the Duero river from Vega Sicilia, in hotter, wilder territory as one approaches the Portuguese border (after which, the Duero becomes the famous Douro of Port fame). The Vega group began researching the area in 1997, with experimental vinifications and judicious purchases of top vineyard sites, half of which are already planted with mature 25 to 45 year old vines. The estate now possesses 96 hectares of land, including a state-of-the-art vinification and ageing facility. The 2001 vintage was the first judged worthy of release, in a limited quantity of 80 000 bottles.

The wine is 100% Tinta de Toro, the superior local clone of Tempranillo. It displays the style and class of a Vega Sicilia Group wine, but with the extra spicy, forceful presence of a Toro. 
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Toro D.O. (Tinto), Pintia 2008    
Toro D.O. (Tinto), Pintia 2009    
Toro D.O. (Tinto), Pintia 2010    
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